Real, live beachcombing

Since I was a little girl, my mother would always instruct my brother and me to search for “sea treasures” whenever we went to the beach.  She spent the favorite years of her childhood living year-round in a small island town located on the Jersey Shore’s Long Beach Island and had really come to regard each shell as an individual treasure.  As an adult, being a beachcomber and looking for sea treasures has really become a kind of reflex: take me to any beach and I will absent-mindedly scan the shoreline for something different and beautiful as we make our way to the water.  Favorite finds include a heart-shaped rock recovered in Ogunquit, Maine on Mother’s Day about 15 ywars ago that still sits on the sill of our kitchen’s backsplash since that weekend and a gorgeous, weathered, blue-gray snail shell dug out from the jetties over Columbus Day weekend on LBI.  Kept in a jar on my bedside table or scattered across the shelves of my bookcase, these treasures always remind me of the peace I experience whenever I am at the beach and the happy memories connected with those journeys; their beauty inspired the title of this blog.  Let me share some of them (and my amateur photography skills) with you:

See anything you like?

Biggest prize on LBI: large snail shell

Broken but beautiful

Assumption Blue!

Sea glass, clams, and seagull prints

Sand dollar found in Wells, Maine on Good Friday 2010 (fitting since there is a legend that says Jesus left the sand dollar to help teach about the Christian faith – go look it up!)


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